A La Carte Map: My ZURICH

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A la Carte Maps aren't just clever travel guides - they're also a city map, umbrella and piece of art in their own right! These beautiful fold-out maps feature a range of great insider tips for things to see, do, experience and discover in some of the most amazing cities around the world.

The concept is simple. Imagine you have a local friend in each of these exciting cities around the world. Not only does your friend provide you with the most important information about their city they've also revealed the city's best-kept secrets by writing them on a beautifully hand-drawn map.

No matter what you're looking for with A la Carte Maps you'll find it!


  • Do you know why you should pay the local police station at Urania a (voluntary) visit?
  • Wanna join Zurich's bankers for lunch?
  • Have you ever thought about going to a cemetery for educational reasons?
  • Or would you like to indulge in some of the most heavenly desserts you have ever tried in your life?

The My Zurich a la Carte map is a brilliant way to get to know Zurich, or to discover whole new sides of this exciting city. No matter whether you travel for business or for leisure, with the My Zurich a la Carte map you have a local friend, who has written an array of the city's best kept insider tips on a beautiful and handy 70x42cm hand-drawn map. In addition, a welcome letter will provide you with the most important information about the city including:

  • Where to exchange money  
  • How to get around  
  • What to do on a rainy day and a sunny one too!  
  • Which gifts to bring home  
  • Crucial addresses and phone numbers

Furthermore, you will get access to the online database with the latest updates for Zurich, while the My Zurich a la Carte maps feature the best mix of insider tips, this comprehensive database captures a wider range of tips - ready for you to discover.