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For each person, travelling is something different and how we travel is determined by our destination, the duration of the trip and our wants and needs. What remains central to all of us though is our ability to make our journey more fulfilling, more comfortable, safer and less stressful.
After all, it's our desire for those things that drive most of us to travel in the first place. While I was researching for my first big trip overseas, I spent countless hours searching for the travel gear and information that I needed to plan the journey of a lifetime. In doing so, it became clear to me that there was a real need for a comprehensive travel resource where fellow travellers could find everything they needed for their trip in the one website. And so was born! now stocks one of the largest ranges of travel accessories for women, men and kids in Australia with over 1000 products to make your travel more fulfilling, more comfortable, safer and less stressful.

So why are we so great at what we do? It’s our passion and experience in travel that drives us to not only provide our customers with the most up-to-date, unique and practical travel gear and accessories but to also empower you to find your own feet as a traveller - helping you to experience the fun and growth we know you can find when travelling. With the right gear and accessories and the right guidance, we hope we can help you to discover amazing destinations, have memorable experiences and make many friends along the way.  After all, it's why we travel.


Here's Brendan and I in Delphi.

Rhiannon // founder

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Destination Guide | ROME

15 September, 2015

As one of the most visited cities in the world Rome has a lot to live up to in the eyes of its visitors. Yet with the very visible signs of its powerful past in seemingly every direction you look - think the Colosseum, Roman Forum; cultural hot spots such as Piazza Navona and Trastavere and Vatican City - it barely has to lift a finger to wow the hoardes of tourists that visit the Eternal City each year.

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Choosing the Right Lock

10 July, 2015

There's plenty to consider before you depart on your trip and for most travellers, security is high on the list of priorities. Choosing the right lock will give you the peace of mind to enjoy the adventure ahead.  We explore the pros and cons of keyed and combination locks and explain the use of TSA locks for US travel.

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